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A meeting was held in Kozloduy Municipality for public discussion of the Environmental Impact Assessment /EIA/ report. The presentation was given by Mr. Belin Mollov – an architect and the team of the Plan for engaging the Interested parties in support of the Environmental Impact Assessment /EIA/ procedure of the IP for a Radioactive waste treatment and conditioning Facility with a large factor of volume reduction at the Kozloduy NPP.


A work meeting was held on 02.07.2013 of the work teams approved in connection with the preparation of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) – Plovdiv. At the meeting the heads of such groups summarized the work completed to that point and allocated additional tasks. The date of the next work meeting was also fixed.


The conference was attended by a number of representatives of firms that were involved in the implementation of this project. Ms. Camilla Sandroka – head of the ‘New Opportunities’ consortium, with Velder Consult OOD being the leading member of this consortium, presented the investors’ satisfaction from the services thereto provided.


Architect Belin Mollov, head of the team elaborating the Municipal Development Plan made a presentation on the results from the thorough analysis made, the inferred strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities opening for the municipality. Also presented was an initial variant of the vision of development, the strategic goals and priority areas for the coming programme period.



More than 55 design ideas that are to become part of the Integrated Plan for Urban Reconstruction and Development for Plovdiv were discussed during the second public forum organized by Plovdiv Municipality and the team of consultants of the ‘Plovdiv 2020’ consortium.

 Plovdiv Municipality intends to submit to the Minister for regional development and public works, through the Regional Governor, a proposal for gratuitous transfer thereto of special purpose state property estates in ‘Gladno Pole’ quarter, which needs the approval of the Council of Ministers.

CELLUM BULGARIA AD is a joint-stock company jointly established by Corporate Commercial Bank AD and the Hungarian companies Cellum Global Innovacios es Szolgaltato Zrt and Altus-ConsAlt Kft. Besides CCB AD, the subsidiary of the bank – Velder Consult OOD is the other partner and shareholder in the company on the Bulgarian part.

As a leading partner in the ‘Bridges’ Consortium Velder Consult successfully completed its work on the ‘Provision of consultancy services for the working out of transregional strategies on the development of five transDanubian regions/zones between Bulgaria and Romania’ under the DONAUREGIONEN + Project – a Concept for the spatial development of interregional cooperation in the Danube space’, financed from the Programme for Transnational cooperation in Southeast Europe (2007-2013). Partners to Velder Consult in the ‘Bridges’ Consortium were also ProInfra Consult and WYG Bulgaria.


The role of Velder Consult in the process of working out the master-plan will be to offer expert assistance to Ruse Municipality in the field of spatial and economic development and strategic planning. The team of the company will work in close cooperation both with the municipal administration and with the Contractor selected to develop the Master-plan of Euroregion Ruse–Giurgiu.

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