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Velder Group:

The VELDER GROUP integrates companies specialized in the elaboration, evaluation, management and implementation of projects.



A meeting was held in Kozloduy Municipality for public discussion of the Environmental Impact Assessment /EIA/ report. The presentation was given by Mr. Belin Mollov – an architect and the team of the Plan for engaging the Interested parties in support of the Environmental Impact Assessment /EIA/ procedure of the IP for a Radioactive waste treatment and conditioning Facility with a large factor of volume reduction at the Kozloduy NPP.

A work meeting was held on 02.07.2013 of the work teams approved in connection with the preparation of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) – Plovdiv. At the meeting the heads of such groups summarized the work completed to that point and allocated additional tasks. The date of the next work meeting was also fixed.

Consult Ltd
 The main activity is expressed in the elaboration of project proposals and project management under programmes financed from the Structural Fund and the Cohesion Funds in the field of economy, regional development and strategic planning.

Engeniering Ltd
 The company is specializing in engineering activities in the steel processing and glasswork industry, mining and processing of gypsum, management and realization of projects of the infrastructure.

Universiada EAD
 Universiada Hall is the first large indoor multifunctional hall in Bulgaria with 2300 seats and more that 1500 sq. m. of exhibition area. more >>